Why do cannabis plants become hermaphrodite? — Happy Gardening

The two main causes for cannabis plants to become hermaphrodites are either environmental stress or a genetic tendency for the seed to grow into hermaphrodites. Moreover, cannabis seeds that genetically already have a tendency to grow into a hermaphrodite are often much more sensitive to environmental stress. Gorilla Glue is a good example of this, […]Continue reading “Why do cannabis plants become hermaphrodite? — Happy Gardening”

AK-47 Fem — Happy Gardening

This award winning cannabis strain is one of the most popular strain worldwide. AK-47 has a nice and uplifting effect and is easy to grow. This type of marijuana is auto-flowering which means it doesn’t need the sun to begin the phase of flowering. It delivers you happiness and a spirit that is very uplifting. […]Continue reading “AK-47 Fem — Happy Gardening”

Afghan — Happy Gardening

This popular cannabis strain delivers a nice and relaxing high. The structure of this plant is dense and compact. Afghan is very easy to grow and perfect for beginners. This plant is so strong that it can resist all types of environments. Afghan may be a highly regarded indica that delivers a heavy-bodied high. It […]Continue reading “Afghan — Happy Gardening”

Purple Mixpack — Happy Gardening

Purple is a symbol of nobility, and these three strains are nothing short of royal. All have beautiful purple hues, but that is where their similarity ends. While Grand Daddy Purple and Purple Kush are full indicas, Purple Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid. And while Purple Haze and Grand Daddy Purple are both beginner-friendly strains […]Continue reading “Purple Mixpack — Happy Gardening”

Hydro Weed Guide for Beginners and Advanced Growers

The cultivation of marijuana can be a very challenging task sometimes that is accompanied by complications. Yet, given the challenge, harvesting is rewarding. Knowing the right methods in growing weed yourself can ensure that the quality of it is no doubt high with valuable impression. Notwithstanding the freedom of choosing which strain you wanted toContinue reading “Hydro Weed Guide for Beginners and Advanced Growers”

How to Tell if You Got a Bad Weed

In your adventure to acquire a great smoking experience, doing such extensive research can help you go further. You may know what to buy and where to buy your stash. You may also know what should be the properties and effects that it can offer. Yet, you may have found the right product for you;Continue reading “How to Tell if You Got a Bad Weed”

How To Grow Cannabis In A Small Space, Start Your Micro Grow

What is a micro grow? A micro grow is a marijuana growing setup that takes up very little space while still achieving the highest yields possible. These mini grow sites prove that there’s no need for “breaking the bank” by trying to create a large indoor grow room. This cannabis micro grow guide will helpContinue reading “How To Grow Cannabis In A Small Space, Start Your Micro Grow”

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